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DIY copper patina

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Start by cleaning the copper as detailed here

Follow the instruction up to step 4

 In a large enough covered plastic box, lay two- three layers of paper towels soaked in the vinegar- salt solution

( Take the copper dish out of the vinegar solution ( as detailed on step 4.

Do not wipe or wash it. Try not to touch the copper with your fingers

Sprinkle some kitchen salt over the dish

Cover the box and leave for a few days for patina to be developed.

Homemade chalk paint

I do a lot of painting on vintage or old wood items, big or small.

The wood is many times not on it's best, It has imperfections that not having professional tools, I find it hard to fix. Painting with acrylic wood colors, therefore, takes longer and does not cover wood imperfections I'm trying to hide.

I could buy the commercial Chalk paint, but I wanted something more cost effective.