Special face cleaning using oatmeal by Clare Maxwell Hudson

I love the "Natural beauty book" By Clare maxwell. The book is a simple do it yourself guide to skin and body care. It has many great natural recipes, you can make at home.

The "Natural beauty book" by Clare Maxwell hudson was published on 1976, and yet has relevancy to our lives and our beauty and health care these days.

My favorite face cleaning recipe is the one with oatmeal and orange peel.

Oatmeal in natural soaps or cosmetic products makes your skin feel silky.

This face cleaning recipe not only makes your skin feel silky, it also gives your skin a very delicate peeling and has a wonderful oranges scent.

Make this in small quantities, and keep in a tightly closed jar.

The recipe includes three easy to get ingredients:

1 tablespoon fresh ground almonds
1 tablespoon fresh ground oatmeal (not instant)
1 tablespoon ground dried orange peels

First you need some orange peels. Whenever you eat an orange, wash the peels, cut  to smaller pecies and let dry on a windowsill with the sun shining through. Another way is to dry the peels on  low heat in your oven. Using the oven to dry the peels, you need to take care, peels are not scorched. Grind the peels in a coffee grinder.

Since we don't have oranges all year round, you can keep some dried peels in the freezer.

When mixture is ready, put it through a sieve to get rid of larger particles.

Now it is ready to use. Take about one tablespoon of the mixture in your hand and add some water. Now rub your face gently with it and wash in lukewarm water.

Whenever you feel your skin needs some attention, you can repeat this simple and not an expensive treatment.





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