How to photograph white products on a white background

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Taking photos for your online shop, you want the image to be one that will get the attention of a potential buyer. The image should show the item at it's best and yet representing it as close as possible to reality

 Having a white background enables a dramatic eye catching image and a more uniform presentation of your online shop

So you need to take good photos, but  you are not a professional photographer and you don't have the professional gear for it

Having a small struggling online shop, you can't afford an expensive photographing gear

To have an object filmed on a clean white background, you need to have a white light box. You can buy a small cheap one online. 

A small light box might not be enough when you have a bigger item to photograph.

 You can instead use white foam boards, but this requires setting it up every time, and light can pass through gaps between the boards

I had at home a folding white Ikea storage box I laying around.I believe it is made from cardboard with a white plastic coating

 Using any kind of white box as your background, you need first to make sure that the material the box is made from, does not reflect the light in a way that is damaging the image you get

The Ikea box I use, transfers some of the outside light into the box, but the bottom of the box is on a table and therefore not letting light in

I learned with time, that taking photos of white products, I better have a soft afternoon , white light and not a direct sun light

I also realized that there is a need for a light coming from the bottom of my light box

So, I bought a non expensive light pad to put under my object

 Taking photos in the afternoon, My Ikea box is positioned close to a window, the object is positioned on the light pad, in a way that the light intensity is about the same as coming from the back of the box

The Ikea box with a light pad in




The image obtained. Light was coming from the window and the light pad


Cleaning the background with an image processing  software. The one I use is the relatively simple and no longer existing  Photodraw




I like the resulting photo with the reflection under the object. If you don't want it, you can crop this part of the image. This can be tricky sometimes...


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