How to make your cat drink more water

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Being a cat lover, I never stopped to think about the quantity of water they drink.

I used to think that animals drink water when they are thirsty and that the quantity they drink, is what they phisically need..unlike me preferring coffee or sweet drinks over water.

One fresh water bowl at home and one in the back yard were enough I thought.

As it turns out that about a third of household cats suffer at one point from kidney problems and that kidney disease can be caused by dehydration.

Dehydration can be easily caused by not enough water to drink together with the most common dry food cat's diet. 

Our youngest cat, Lulu, now 2 years old made me realize I have to pay attention to how much water and which way my cats prefer to drink.

Lulu was raised by us from day three, fed with a bottle and kittens formula. She is now the most spoiled cat in our home.

First I realized she goes to the water bowl all cats drink from, but doesn't she got a small bowl of her own..that worked for a few days.

Then we noticed she was fascinated by running tap water.

Leaving the tap water to drizzle a while, she now drinks from it.

Well..Lulu also like to lick black coffee..

In the back yard we are using the same way now. Above the water bowl there is tap drizzling water all the time. That way the water is clean and fresh. Offcourse there is a need to replace the water and clean the bowl every few days. 

Another thing we do these days, is also to feed the cats with wet food from time to time.











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