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Antique paper adds a classic style to a craft project. That kind of paper with no printing on, is hard to find.

You can give a plain printer paper a tanned look, very similar to a page from an old book. Online you can find ways to do that using tea or coffee, crumpling the page and or baking it on the oven.

For example:
From all the methods I tried, I like this one the most:
 You need:
Printer paper(didn't try it with another kind).
Instant coffee, the kind you have in your home.
Baking paper sheet, to work on.
Medical gauze: one for spreading the coffee, you can also use cotton wool.
Medical gauze: one for wiping the extra liquid from the paper, you can also use a soft cloth.
How to:
1/ Prepare a strong coffee: two teaspoons to a cup of boiling water (200 ml).
2/ Let it cool for a while.
3/ Put the baking sheet on a straight smooth surface.
4/ Put the printer paper on the baking sheet.
5/ Dip one gauze (or some cotton wool) and spread some coffee on the page.
6/ Carefully turn the paper over, and do the same on the other side. Do it until the liquid cover the page uniformly.
7/ Wipe the page with the dry gauze, do it for the other side too. Until there are no puddles of coffee left.
8/ Leave it to dryon the baking sheet, on a smooth surface.
9/ The result is very similar to an old book page. The only problem is the smell of old coffee..letting it air outside..
 You can do that with a paper with a print on. You just have to consider the possibility of print being damaged, 


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