Homemade chalk paint

I do a lot of painting on vintage or old wood items, big or small.

The wood is many times not on it's best, It has imperfections that not having professional tools, I find it hard to fix. Painting with acrylic wood colors, therefore, takes longer and does not cover wood imperfections I'm trying to hide.

I could buy the commercial Chalk paint, but I wanted something more cost effective.


A post about "Best homemade chalk paint recipes" presented a thorough testing of four different paint recipes with images. http://salvagedinspirations.com/best-homemade-chalk-paint-recipes/


There were 2 recipes recommended, the best one involves Calcium carbonate, which you need to find out where to get it from and costs more than Plaster of paris you need for the other recipe.

To make it even cheaper I used acrylic color for walls, instead of the one for wood. Depending on the volume, it costs about half the specialized wood color.

Consistency was great and paint applied nicely to the wood and covered some of the imperfections.

Applied 3 coats for compete coverage.

It needs sanding for distressing. Even after sanding it gives a chalky feeling, not so pleasant to touch.

Applying a coat or two of acrylic lacquer is the solution.


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