Diy make your own natural wood photography backdrop for your online shop

Wanting my online shop products to be eye catching, and my shop to have a whole uniform look, I was taking product photos on white background, using a light box.

When the item is darker and not bright, transparent, silver or shimmering it is easy to process the image and get a clean white background without losing details on the item itself. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Taking photos on white background, on many of the items, became a nightmare...

More than that, I mainly sell rustic vintage items and natural soaps, so a natural, rustic, warm background goes better with my products.


Looking for natural settings to photograph my products, I came to the conclusion I need to set up one myself.

Looking for the setting every time, will be time consuming. Also, I felt that a busy background distracts the viewer from my products.

Making the wooden photography backdrops:

I had two pieces of thin plywood lying around. I mixed a small quantity of brown acrylic with white to make a warm white color mixture.

Dipped a painting brush in water and dried it using soft cloth. Then,I painted the plywood boards with almost a dry brush, in order to have a rustic distressed painting.

Taking photos:

I take product photos in the morning, when the sun is not high in the sky and the natural light is more "white" than "yellow", with no direct sun light on. I use a simple photo processing software, to make the item pop out of the picture and yet keeping it close to it's true appearance.

Extra background to add to images:

Sometimes my products are larger and I don't have enough background around it. That is why I took an image of the background alone, I can use for that, pasting it under the item's photo, making the backgrounds as close as possible using light intensity and contrast with the processing software.




Photography background

Dear:-Anat Rafael

Thanks, dear for sharing an Amazing post I ever read..this post having very useful information for me to develop my photography skills. Truly said that every photographer has its own Photography Background and skills which make him unique from others like you.

Wish you all the best!

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