DIY copper patina

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Start by cleaning the copper as detailed here

Follow the instruction up to step 4

 In a large enough covered plastic box, lay two- three layers of paper towels soaked in the vinegar- salt solution

( Take the copper dish out of the vinegar solution ( as detailed on step 4.

Do not wipe or wash it. Try not to touch the copper with your fingers

Sprinkle some kitchen salt over the dish

Cover the box and leave for a few days for patina to be developed.

The lengh of time needed is dependent on how much patina you want it to have. Bare in mind that not all the patina will stay on.

Having enough patina developed, take the copper dish out and leave on your working bench to dry for a day or so

 Wash gently with tap water, dry gently with a soft cloth and leave to completely dry

It you want to remove some of the patina, you can do that with steel wool

Cover the copper with metal lacquer to protect the patina. The best option is a spray lacquer, but it 's costly

If you therefore use a liquid lacquer take a small quantity into a small separate jar to    be  used with patinated copper since some of the patina goes into the lacquer 

Let dry



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