Cleaning silverware in 30 seconds

Here is an excellent and simple method to clean silverware using household materials and with very little effort.
This method might not be adequate for cleaning siver jewelry.
Materials needed:
1. Silverware to clean
2. Boiling water
3. Aluminium Foil
4. Baking soda
5. A bowl large enough you could cover the silver dish with water.
6. Clean soft towel
At the bottom of the bowl put a layer of aluminum foil with the shiny side up.
Sprinkle over the foil, heaping teaspoon of baking soda (for a large silverware, add 2-3 teaspoons).

Pour the boiling water into the bowl. Add the silver dish carefully in. If water dont cover the dish, add some more, taking care not to pour it on the silver dish. Within seconds, the silver tarnish starts to bind to the aluminium foil.

Wash with dish soap and lukewarm water.

At the end of the process, be sure to thoroughly dry the silver and polish it using a clean soft towel.
What can we learn?

Silver tarnishes as a result of oxidation. It reacts with the sulfur particles that are in the air (sulfur emitted by cars) and silver sulfide is formed. Silver sulfide is black. Once we remove the layer of silver sulfide, our object will return to clean silver.



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