May 2017

Step by Step Guide to the Restorative Cleaning of Vintage & Antique Porcelain


Periodically cleaning your pieces of porcelain is important. With careful restorative cleaning & handling, your vintage glass and antique porcelain items will look beautiful for years to come.

1. Pad your work area with soft cloths or towels. Polyethylene foam stretched over a table and affixed to the underside works well.

Max Melton's Remarkably Efficacious Tooth Powder

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Max Melton's Remarkably Efficacious Tooth Powder  from Neil gaiman's "the ocean on the end of the lane" made me courious about tooth powder

   History of tooth powder

Tooth powder was generally used by the Romans, who used many substances, such as the bones and horns of certain animals; crabs; egg-shells, and the shells of oysters . They were reduced to a powder after having been previously burnt.

Tooth powder was used to clean and whiten teeth and to and to strengthen the gums. 

Things I Have Learned Since Opening A Vintage Shop


 On courtesy of :Niki patterson


 Being stupid at a thrift store....

I love thrift stores! I found an old Pyrex gravy boat at one for .49 and just had an Ah-Ha moment. Can I find more treasures? Can I find them new homes? This should be easy right? The answers are yes, yes, NO! Here is a list of my top lessons learned and maybe they might help out a fellow vintage collector.