Diy make your own natural wood photography backdrop for your online shop

Wanting my online shop products to be eye catching, and my shop to have a whole uniform look, I was taking product photos on white background, using a light box.

When the item is darker and not bright, transparent, silver or shimmering it is easy to process the image and get a clean white background without losing details on the item itself. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Taking photos on white background, on many of the items, became a nightmare...

מתכון טבעי לניקוי עור הפנים

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ספר היופי הטבעי של קלייר מקסוול הדסון פורסם ב 1976, ובכל זאת הוא עדיין רלבנטי לחיינו בימים אלה. אם את רוצה להשתמש במוצרי יופי ללא חומרים משמרים, זוהי הדרך. הספר הוא מדריך עשה זאת בעצמך לטיפוח  עור הפנים והגוף ומצויים בו מתכונים  טבעיים רבים, שאת יכולה בקלות להכין בעצמך בבית

מתכון ניקוי הפנים האהוב עלי הוא זה עם שיבולת שועל (קוואקר) וקליפות התפוזים והוא גם פשוט מאוד להכנה...

שיבולת שועל בסבונים טבעיים או מוצרים קוסמטיים מעניקה לעורך מגע משיי. מתכון ניקוי זה לא רק מעניק תחושה משיית לעורך, הוא גם מעניק לפנייך פילינג עדין מאוד ויש לו ריח תפוזים נפלא.

Special face cleaning using oatmeal by Clare Maxwell Hudson

I love the "Natural beauty book" By Clare maxwell. The book is a simple do it yourself guide to skin and body care. It has many great natural recipes, you can make at home.

The "Natural beauty book" by Clare Maxwell hudson was published on 1976, and yet has relevancy to our lives and our beauty and health care these days.

My favorite face cleaning recipe is the one with oatmeal and orange peel.

Oatmeal in natural soaps or cosmetic products makes your skin feel silky.

DIY no flies compost the easy way

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My first attempt with making compost was with vermicomposting. Vermicomposting means using red warms to digest your kitchen scraps.

The "Warm box" is a great idea, enabling the warms to migrate to the to the newest food source when all scraps on the bottom tray are digested.

The warm box:

Purchasing a small number of red warms, I had too much kitchen scraps for the warms to digest efficiently. A lot more warms were needed for that. 

How to make your cat drink more water

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Being a cat lover, I never stopped to think about the quantity of water they drink.

I used to think that animals drink water when they are thirsty and that the quantity they drink, is what they phisically need..unlike me preferring coffee or sweet drinks over water.

One fresh water bowl at home and one in the back yard were enough I thought.

As it turns out that about a third of household cats suffer at one point from kidney problems and that kidney disease can be caused by dehydration.

How to photograph white products on a white background

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Taking photos for your online shop, you want the image to be one that will get the attention of a potential buyer. The image should show the item at it's best and yet representing it as close as possible to reality

 Having a white background enables a dramatic eye catching image and a more uniform presentation of your online shop

So you need to take good photos, but  you are not a professional photographer and you don't have the professional gear for it

Having a small struggling online shop, you can't afford an expensive photographing gear

DIY copper patina

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Start by cleaning the copper as detailed here

Follow the instruction up to step 4

 In a large enough covered plastic box, lay two- three layers of paper towels soaked in the vinegar- salt solution

( Take the copper dish out of the vinegar solution ( as detailed on step 4.

Do not wipe or wash it. Try not to touch the copper with your fingers

Sprinkle some kitchen salt over the dish

Cover the box and leave for a few days for patina to be developed.

Homemade chalk paint

I do a lot of painting on vintage or old wood items, big or small.

The wood is many times not on it's best, It has imperfections that not having professional tools, I find it hard to fix. Painting with acrylic wood colors, therefore, takes longer and does not cover wood imperfections I'm trying to hide.

I could buy the commercial Chalk paint, but I wanted something more cost effective.


Dansk Designs

The stunning enamel pitcher on the photo below is one I have in my home.It was made by Dansk Designs

Ceramics, pottery, china and porcelain




Ceramics mean  objects such as figures, tiles, and tableware made from clay and other raw materials by the process of pottery. Some ceramic products are regarded as fine art, while others are regarded as decorativeindustrial or applied art objects.They may be made by one individual or in a factory where a group of people design, make and decorate the ware. Decorative ceramics are sometimes called "art pottery".